Continuous Improvement Workshop – Success

Participant Photo

We just completed a series of workshops around continuous improvement via feedback at the end of April 2015.  The workshop was centred around the book that Salwana and I authored entitled “Give Receive Improve:  A Manager’s guide to continuous improvement.”  The goal of the workshop to equip leaders with a desire for continuous improvement using the gift of feedback.  Feedback techniques in both giving and receiving and steps to take to make the necessary improvements.

There was a great many sharing and learnings throughout the workshop and above all, learning can be fun.

Some feedback from the participants:

“The contents are very powerful and applicable to people who wants to be good manager or high achiever in the organisation”

“It’s a very hands on approach which gives us the opportunity to be more involved and learn through role play”

“This course gave me the idea on the proper way to give/receive feedback and take necessary steps to improve”

“Excellent and easy to understand.  Well delivered”

Thank you to all the participants, it was great fun for us and we learned a whole ton as well.

If you would like to know more about the workshop, please connect with me.


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