Who Am I


The best saying that someone told me a long time ago was this:  “The most tiring position to be in is standing still.”  This has been the “motto” that has driven me and inspired me to thrive for growth.  It does not matter in what area of my life whether it was in work or in my personal life, the need to constantly learn and try new things is what gets me excited.  Let me share quickly my experience and background.

From a work life perspective, I have been in leadership and management roles and have co-authored a management book.  I have worked with various organisations in Malaysia and in various countries in Asia (Singapore, Thailand) and Australia.  My focus area was in Marketing and Business Management with companies in the IT industry with Microsoft being my longest-serving work place.  To sum up the experience in Microsoft in 3 words would be Challenging, Innovating and Inspiring.  I was able to work in various roles, managed various teams and stakeholders and worked and lived in different countries.  All these opportunities and experiences have given me a broad and rich perspective on how to be adaptable and flexible when dealing with different culture and market conditions.

I have also co-authored a book entitled “Give Receive Improve:  New Manager’s Guide to Feedback and Improvement.” with Salwana Ali.  The idea behind the book was to share our experiences to help First Time or New Managers to adjust and adapt to their new role with a special focus on Feedback.  Feedback in our view was one of the most critical skills that any manager would need to have in order to manage, motivate and develop an individual and the team.  You can check out the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or www.givereceiveimprove.com

Now I am embarking on another chapter with Coaching and Training as core area of focus for me.  These 2 areas have always been an area of interest for me as I find the greatest sense of fulfilment and satisfaction when someone who I have mentored, coached or trained achieved their goals.

It is with that sense of purpose in mind that I am focusing my time and energy on helping people to find, discover and take the steps to reach their potential.

Outside of work, I am a passionate casual golfer with the aim this year to lower my score to below 100.  There, I have put it out there, so I am accountable to achieving that.  I love to travel and as part of the travel excitement I will tag along learning a new language.  So I guess this year, I will have to learn Japanese:)  I am also into living a healthy and well-balanced life which leads me to gardening and exercising as a means of achieving my great desire to eat without the guilt:)

Most of all, I am just truly blessed to be able to live the lifestyle that I have and in return, I would like to help others achieve their dreams.


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