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Give Receive Improve Feedback 2-Day Workshop

Feedback.  A simple word and yet it is frightening to most people.  It is especially scary for new managers or for anyone who has to give feedback.  It is also an uneasy situation for the person who is receiving the feedback.  I think that it is safe to agree that feedback is just downright uncomfortable for both parties.  Feedback is necessary in ensuring that growth and improvements are possible.

To help elevate some of the perceived challenges and fears, Salwana Ali and I have designed a 2-day workshop to specifically address some of the challenges and fears by providing you with tools, tips and tricks on how to give, receive and act upon feedback.  The workshop is designed to be practical with everyday scenarios to help apply the tools and techniques in a non-threatening environment.

Salwana and I have a combined experience of around 50 years of working in management roles and  have encountered our share of awkward, uncomfortable and awful situations where feedback is involved.  Hence, rest assured we understand and know what goes into giving and receiving feedback.  Our aim is help ease new managers by developing and enhancing their feedback skills.

To find out more about the workshop details, click here.

Hope to have you in our workshop.


Continuous Improvement Workshop – Success

Participant Photo

We just completed a series of workshops around continuous improvement via feedback at the end of April 2015.  The workshop was centred around the book that Salwana and I authored entitled “Give Receive Improve:  A Manager’s guide to continuous improvement.”  The goal of the workshop to equip leaders with a desire for continuous improvement using the gift of feedback.  Feedback techniques in both giving and receiving and steps to take to make the necessary improvements.

There was a great many sharing and learnings throughout the workshop and above all, learning can be fun.

Some feedback from the participants:

“The contents are very powerful and applicable to people who wants to be good manager or high achiever in the organisation”

“It’s a very hands on approach which gives us the opportunity to be more involved and learn through role play”

“This course gave me the idea on the proper way to give/receive feedback and take necessary steps to improve”

“Excellent and easy to understand.  Well delivered”

Thank you to all the participants, it was great fun for us and we learned a whole ton as well.

If you would like to know more about the workshop, please connect with me.