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Self Development is a journey. It is journey that is either enjoyable or lonely. It can be challenging and rewarding all that the same. It is always a journey that requires a goal and actions to be taken and outcomes that can be measured or experienced.

This journey can be more exciting, challenging, focused, efficient and successful when you are not doing it alone. That is where coaching comes into the picture.

A coach walks with you through this journey providing you with:

  1. Clarity: To know what you are aiming for. What you want to accomplish? What is your purpose of this journey? What do you want to learn and develop further? How to overcome challenges or mental barriers? Once there is clear expectations and clarity in your destination, then a path can be outlined.
  2. Structure Support. The path can be riddled with many obstacles and internal struggles. Structures are required in order to help you set up and achieve action items that you have set out. Structures are the scaffoldings that ensure that you are on track.
  3. Accountability. Success is determined by determination and accountability. When you have someone to whom you are accountable to, it helps to spur you on when the going gets tough.
  4. Cheer squad. Motivation, encouragement and support are all the functions of a cheer squad. The cheer squad celebrates with you key milestones and cheer you on to the finish line.
  5. Two is better than one. Yes, that’s right. The journey is more fun and enjoyable when you know that there is someone on your corner whose interest is to see you succeed.

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