10 Things to STOP doing to be more productive.

In this article, you will learn the 10 things that you need to stop doing in order to be more productive.
To be more productive is all about how to make the most of the finite resource that you have and that is time. In order for you to be productive, you must be brutal with what you are NOT going to do. To be more productive does not mean:
• You sacrifice sleep which gives you more working hours.
• You neglect all aspects of your life such as relationships and taking care of yourself.
• You have to do everything that you think you need to do or what other people expect of you.
In order for you to live a balance and productive life, you will need to stop these 10 things. To find out what they are, check out lisalamcoach.com.

3 Steps to Start Your Morning Routine on the Right Foot

In this article, you will learn how to start your day on the most productive path.  There are essentially 3 common habits or elements that the most successful people practice. 3 Steps to Start Your Morning Routine on the Right Foot Morning Routine of successful people consists of 3 common habits: 1.  Quiet Time orContinue reading “3 Steps to Start Your Morning Routine on the Right Foot”

Top 3 Evening Routines for the Most Productive You

The common elements of the top 3 evening routines are:
1.  Down Time. Time to set aside the day. Take a break or lay down what have you been doing throughout the day.
2.  Renew and Recharge. Activities that are able to renew any or all 4 energy buckets. Activities that you enjoy and that you are able to sustain or do consistently.
3.  Journal and Plan. Time to reflect, assess and literally write down your concerns, worries, to-do list, and identify what you are grateful and thankful for.

Worst case scenario is NOT trying

Whenever you have a dream or something that you want to do or try out, there is a battle of two voices that starts.  One voice in your head and the other in your heart.  Which one wins?  The one that wins will usually be the one that is the loudest or the one thatContinue reading “Worst case scenario is NOT trying”