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Welcome to the Give Receive Improve weekly Podcast with Lisa Lam and Salwana Ali.  This podcast was inspired to help new managers overcome the challenges of managing and leading people.  We have a combined experience of over 50 years in leadership and management roles.  We know and I mean, we know, the struggles and rewards of leading individuals and teams.  We believe that you should not be facing your challenges alone.  So, let’s start this journey together. 

From the Podcast

Discipline and Diligence wins over talent every time Give Receive Improve

Discipline and diligence sounds hard. And yes, it is hard and requires effort, time and energy. However, without discipline and diligence, nothing that is worthwhile will ever come to fruition. Discipline can be developed and when coupled with diligence, you will realise that its way more important than talent alone. Let's find out together how we can develop and grow discipline and diligence To find out more, check out lisalamcoach and
  1. Discipline and Diligence wins over talent every time
  2. Passion and Fun that Ignites a Team
  3. Trust and Empowerment Creates Exponential Results
  4. Integrity Secures Your Leadership
  5. Authenticity Inspires People To Give it Their ALL

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My experience is largely based on my work as a leadership coach and marketing and business operations role in various companies such as Microsoft.  I am also passionate about continuous learning, personal development and living a life that challenges my personal perceptions and limiting beliefs

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