The 3 Curses of Confidence

The curse of confidence results in stagnation of growth, unable to ask for help and not taking responsibility but placing blame on others.

Stop Using these 3 Words or Phrases : “Step Up”, “But”, “Potential”

We have all been there, done that and said it.  What would happen if we stopped using certain words or phrases during performance review.  What am I talking about?  The top 3 most common “dreaded” words or phrases: Step Up:  Yeah that’s right, you have heard it.  Personally I have heard it and sadly I have usedContinue reading “Stop Using these 3 Words or Phrases : “Step Up”, “But”, “Potential””

Perception of Change: How to change? Embrace and Extend.

Whenever we hear the word “Change”, the majority of responses would fall into these categories: Fear, Anxiety and Dread Fear and then Excitement Excitement and Anticipation.  Probably only from the people who caused the change. It is no surprise that as “routine and comfort loving human beings”, any thing that requires us to change orContinue reading “Perception of Change: How to change? Embrace and Extend.”