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My Coaching Services cover the following areas:

*  Business Coaching:  Business coaching is for the entrepreneur in us that is bursting to come to fruition.  The barriers to entry are usually our risk averse self and fear.  Ideas are in place, bits and pieces of a business plan is written down or maybe we have already sorted all these out as well as a financial plan.  The challenge now is to put them all together and start.  Coaching comes in to help you put your goals and ideas into a clear actionable plan that you can execute, review, fine tune and develop upon.  The journey will start with being clear on your vision, goals, outcomes as well as exploring options and challenge assumptions in order to have the most appropriate plan.  I understand the journey as I am on it too.  One of client has this to say about the coaching journey:

“Lisa has a very natural way of knowing what it is you want and asking the perfect questions to get your mind thinking in a very clear way. Her already successful business/life seems to really give her that advantage to KNOW what you need and she has a fantastic way of guiding you to get there. Lisa gets you down to business and is willing to flow where you go almost effortlessly. I totally recommend her services! We had a great time together!” – Leslie M Thornton

*  Management and Leadership Coaching:  Management and Leadership coaching are for anyone in management or leadership position who would like to hone in or improve upon competencies that will help you be more successful in the workplace.  The complexities and ever-changing and growing demand on your role today requires constant growth on your skills, both hard and soft skills.  In addition to that, the challenge of balancing work/life is a constant juggle.  When we are not aligned with our values and life purposes, challenges that creep up in the workplace will affect our motivation and outcome in not just the workplace but at home.  One of the key aspect of leadership coaching is to know yourself well enough to align your developmental goals with the requirements of the workplace as well as your life goals.  To that end, this journey starts with clear goals as to what you would like to develop and work on coupled with values and strengths/weaknesses in order to align the needs with the resources.  I have worked in management and leadership capacity and therefore understand the pressures and challenges of the role.  The rewarding outcome of the role cannot be understated as well.  It is a great role to be in and should be enjoyed as such.  One of my clients has this to say:

“Lisa’s unique approach helps you to focus on what really matters and to use your own personal strengths and resources to achieve meaningful, realistic and important outcomes. I would recommend Lisa for those looking to make key decisions and develop career goals further.” – Kate Rush

My coaching style will help you unlock the ideas, strategies, action plans to get you started in your business ventures.  Challenging your thoughts and assumptions to help you discover options and alternatives.  Supporting, motivating and holding you accountable to your goals and desired outcomes

Let’s connect for a free no obligation 30-min discovery session to see if coaching is the appropriate journey for you.

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