Human “Being” or “Doing” – Who am I?

A lot of people have asked me with shocked and puzzled look when I would tell them that I am retired and have been for a few years.  I am not sure if its because I don’t look like I have reached the acceptable age of retirement or if it’s because I am so comfortableContinue reading “Human “Being” or “Doing” – Who am I?”

What does a balance life look like to you?

I was reading an article this morning by Jared Lynch on the Sydney Morning Herald entitled “Work-life balance?  Take condoms , says Southern Cross Austereo radio boss.”  I thought it was interesting and funny and that got me thinking.  When did this term work-life balance start?  Why did anyone even come up with it?  WhatContinue reading “What does a balance life look like to you?”