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Give Receive Improve Feedback 2-Day Workshop

Feedback.  A simple word and yet it is frightening to most people.  It is especially scary for new managers or for anyone who has to give feedback.  It is also an uneasy situation for the person who is receiving the feedback.  I think that it is safe to agree that feedback is just downright uncomfortable for both parties.  Feedback is necessary in ensuring that growth and improvements are possible.

To help elevate some of the perceived challenges and fears, Salwana Ali and I have designed a 2-day workshop to specifically address some of the challenges and fears by providing you with tools, tips and tricks on how to give, receive and act upon feedback.  The workshop is designed to be practical with everyday scenarios to help apply the tools and techniques in a non-threatening environment.

Salwana and I have a combined experience of around 50 years of working in management roles and  have encountered our share of awkward, uncomfortable and awful situations where feedback is involved.  Hence, rest assured we understand and know what goes into giving and receiving feedback.  Our aim is help ease new managers by developing and enhancing their feedback skills.

To find out more about the workshop details, click here.

Hope to have you in our workshop.


10 things to Give up to move forward

“Don’t give up!”  Giving up is for losers.  We have all been brought up not to give up.  Try and try until we get what we want.    After all, we can’t achieve anything worthwhile if we give up.  However, are there situations where to give up on something is the right course of action?  I believe that there are many times and situations where we need to give up something in order to achieve something better.

Here is my list of 10 things to give up.

  1. Expectations of others.  Living a life based on expectations of other people is a sure way to not living a fulfill life.  You are here to play your unique purpose and role.  One that only you can based on your strengths and weaknesses, personality and character.  To enjoy a fulfill life requires that you live out your life based on your values, beliefs and dreams.
  2. Hurt and anger.  Forgiveness is a critical trait in order to live a positive life.  Nothing good ever comes from holding on to hurt or anger.  Give it up.  Let it go.  Anger and bitterness have a great ability to take hold of your heart and affects your interactions, words and actions.  Don’t let it.
  3. Judgement.  Give up or release judgement of others and of yourself.  I believe that all of us know that we are not perfect hence release the need to judge others.  Give up judgement and embrace acceptance.  See the good and positives in everyone and every situation.
  4. Need to be Right.  Give up the need of being right frees you.  Does it matter if you are wrong in a certain area?  Does it matter if you make a mistake?  Does it matter if you fail?  Giving up the need to be right, frees you to take risk and learn.
  5. Perfection.  Perfection is not required.  Perfection is not achievable.  It is a myth.  Give up your notion that everyone and everything has to be perfect.  Let’s face it, there is no perfection in this world.  I am not perfect and certainly so are you.  If we are not perfect, nothing we do or say will be perfect.  Giving up perfection frees you to be creative and innovative.  It frees to you explore and experiment.
  6. Negativity.  Give up negativity and embrace positivity. Don’t waste the day being negative or spend time with negative people.  Embrace the good in people.  Look for the hope in the bad situation in order to move forward.  Being negative will just pull you into the depths of despair and hopelessness.  Choose to be positive.  Yes, it is a choice that we can train our minds to think and perceive.  Regardless of your natural disposition, a glass half empty or half full person, you can choose how you respond.
  7. Toxic behaviour.  Toxic behaviour like gossiping, bad mouthing someone, blaming others, not taking responsibilities for your actions or words, complaining and the list goes on.  I am sure that you know what I am referring to.  The dark and ugly side that is in all of us.  Give it up and be that person that supports, encourages, develops, mentors, coach and lead others.  My grandfather thought me that if I have nothing good to say about someone, keep quiet.  One of the best advice that I still remember and try to live by.
  8. It is NOT FAIR.  Give up the notion of fair and grow up.  Give up this myth that the world has to treat you fairly.  There is no fair.  If we go back to list No. 5, no one is perfect therefore the notion of fair does not exist.  Life is not fair, so give up the thought that people have to be fair to you or the situation has to be fair for you.  The benchmark of fair is part of your value system.  What is fair to you might not be fair to someone else.  The scale for fairness only exist in your belief system.  Don’t expect everyone to evaluate fairness the same way that you do.  Once you give up the notion of fairness, you will accept a given situation for what it is, just the situation and how you respond to it, determines your maturity.
  9. Wastefulness.  Give up wastefulness and be grateful.  We are surrounded by abundance and wastefulness.  Just take food, how much food do we waste everyday?  And yet there are millions of people who do not have anything to eat.  To be less wasteful is to be grateful and mindful for what we do have and realise that having more does not make you happier or more fulfill.  It is also being conscious that there are those who are in greater need and how we are able to turn our wasteful behaviour to help others in need.
  10. Comfort zone.  Give up your comfort zone to learn and grow.  Fear is the biggest reason why we love our comfort zone.  Fear keeps us boxed in.  Growth comes when we step out of that box, out of that comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone.  You will never know what you can achieve if you don’t get out there and try.

Letting go and giving up are not bad.  In fact, it is required in order for us to move forward.  For us to learn, grow, achieve, create, innovate, to be grateful and to live a fulfilled life.  Give up the things that are holding you back.  What do you need to give up?