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Start the New Year Purposefully

A new year is upon us.  In fact, before we know it, this new year of 2016 will come to an end too.  Let’s do things differently this new year.  Challenge yourself to see if you can start the year differently not with the dreaded New Year Resolution but with purposeful and deliberate vision of what and how you would like to see the year unfold for you.  A vision of what you would like to see the end of 2016 as a reward.  A reward that is both tangible and intangible.

I would add that some goals should be avoided such as:

  • Losing Weight
  • Making more money
  • Buying a new car
  • Exercise more
  • Etc

The reason for this is that the goals above are “superficial”.  It does not extend to your values or beliefs and therefore cannot be sustained.  Goals that are purposeful and that bring out a new need or desire are those that will be achieved.  Goals that are deep in it’s purpose are motivational for you to persevere and succeed.  Therefore think about goals that are broader and meaningful for you.  For example:

  • Healthy lifestyle in order for you to have great quality of life and to fully enjoy your time with family and friends.  In order for you to live a healthy lifestyle, you need to be mindful of what you eat as well as exercise.  This will lead you to action plans which will include what form of exercise you will take up, how much time you will dedicate to it and so on.  You can also include eating healthier, stop smoking and so on, as part of that healthier lifestyle.
  • Financial Management or Responsibilities could be a goal and it should have aspect not just around the promotion that you want, earning more money but also around what you could do to bless others with what you have.  You don’t need to give away all your wealth, just start with what you interest or passion drives you.

Now that we have the general idea, let’s put them into a structure:

  1. Set out clearly your mission or purpose for the year.
  2. Have clear goals with Step by step action plan and make it fun
  3. Monitor and Adjust to suit the situation
  4. Review and Reward
  5. Cheer on
  6. Don’t steal from yourself
  7. Cherish the moment

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be covering each area in greater detail.  Start by starting.  Think about the following:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What don’t you enjoy doing that you would like to stop?
  • What do you want to learn?
  • Where do you want to contribute more?
  • What is the unique impact that you can make?
  • What changes to do you want to make?

Challenge yourself to then imagine the bigger picture.  Is there one?  If there is one, then break it down to see what you can achieve this year.  It is always fun and exciting to think about new things to do and experience at the start of the year.  Now think about how you are going to sustain that and keep yourself motivated.  Think about the rewards that you will put in place when you achieve a certain milestone.  It is even more exciting to visualise when you do achieve the milestone and how that would feel.  Picture that and the emotions that come with it.  Write it down.  After you have finished one, move to the next until you are satisfied.  Now stop and let it sit for a couple of days and return to it.  Read it and see if it still brings out the level of excitement that you had when you started.  If not, modify it.  Keep improving until it is something that you can commit to.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough to get your started.  Know full well that things will change and changes will be made as you go along so don’t be too hung up with getting it perfect.

Now just start!

New Year Resolution: How’s it going?

January 2015 is almost over which means that if any of us made any new goals or resolutions for the year it’s either on track or dead in the water.  The top 5 new year resolutions are:

1.  Lose weight.

2.  Start Exercising.

3.  Spend more time with family and friends.

4.  Enjoy life more.

5.  Help others.

I have to admit that my new year resolution falls into those 5 categories and I am well pleased to note that so far I am on track.  I have lost the weight that I had gained during the festive session, running 5k 3 times a week, golfing with the aim of reducing my score to 100 but really just to have fun, setting aside and spending time with God and focusing on my coaching activities.

One of my new year goal is to start my blog/online presence as part of my coaching practice.  I have been procrastinating on this for a very long time.   Why?  It was out of fear and laziness more than anything else.  My mind would just feel too tired thinking about setting it up, updating it and whether anyone would even read it and so on and so forth.  All these rather “negative” thoughts had me defeated even before I could start.  To overcome this, I decided to just DO IT.  I love the Facebook motto of “Its Good Enough”.  I wanted or envisioned perfection but I have come to realise that Good Enough is really Good enough.  To know “why” I am doing it is far more important that “what” I imagine could happen or not happen.  Hence I started this blog to share my learnings, my thoughts and to help bring some clarity or steps to take to break down barriers.

What can you do to break down the barrier of NOT starting on your goals?

1.  Start with a goal.  Sounds obvious but there is a need to write a list of goals down.  One of the great trainings from Microsoft is writing down SMART goals.  Strangely I actually still do that.  It provides a starting point, end point and clarity to what you want to achieve.

2.  Keep it simple.  Keep you actions or steps simple.  Simplicity helps you to focus and cut through the noise of complexities.   For example, to start a weight loss program doesn’t require massive investments in shakes or diet programs or joining a gym.  It just starts with reducing 1 not so healthy element with another better option.  My example is instead of starting with a flashy, robust, all beautiful website, I started with a simple blog.  Just keeping it simple, makes the step less arduous.

3.  Just do it.  Nike tagline is perfect.  To overcome the fear whether it’s about failure or success is to just do it.  Just take the plunge.  Take the first step.  Does not matter what the reaction is or the results are.  Taking the step is more significant than any set back you might encounter.  As we take the step, confidence will grow and that will in turn reduce your fear level.

4.  Stick with it.  Perseverance is a must and that will get you through the grind when its tough.  Nothing worthwhile ever comes from nothing.  My best friend always ask me why I play golf.  Well it’s about that 1 good shot, forgetting the 110 bad shots.  That in itself helps with your mindset.  Focusing on the good and learning from the bad.

5.  Have fun.  Whatever the goal is, it must because you enjoy it or will enjoy it so that you can have fun with it.  Some things might start out as not fun but necessary e.g. exercise but I think that once you find something that you enjoy or can feel the difference that its making, the fun element comes into play.

I hope that your resolution for 2015 are on track and if not, I hope that those 5 suggestions can help you get going.