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Options: Useful or Not?

We all like it when we have plenty of options to choose from.  It gives us a sense of comfort.  It gives us room to maneuver.  Is there ever a situation when too many options is bad for you?  What should you do if you have too many options?

I believe that too many options is bad when it

  • Confuses you
  • Impacts your level of commitment and dedication
  • Defocuses you
  • Inability to prioritise

What happens when you find yourself with too many options?

  • Each option should be evaluated and given due consideration.  There are a few techniques that people use:
    • write them down into 2 columns, pros and cons and then discuss it with friends or mentors.
    • verbalise it and talk it out with people.
    • Create a vision board to see if it aligns with what they visualised their path of success would look like.
  • Need to decide and commit to the decision.  Once you have evaluated the options and its merits, you will need to decide.  Once you decide you will need to be 110% committed to the decision.  To be fully committed is to let go of the options and focus all your energy to make the decision successful.  You can’t be committed if you are second guessing yourself when the going gets tough.
  • Know that there is NO perfect and smooth sailing option whatever you decide on.  Be aware that every path that is taken, there will be challenges and tough situation to deal with.  It does not mean that you made the wrong decision.  It just that there is always learning and growth involved.

What do you do if you don’t have any options?  There are times when it is a good option.  When there is no option, you have to commit and give it all in order for you make something out of it.  There are also times, it is good to think about options so that you can make the best decision.  How do you come up with options?

You can try these techniques.

  • Create a vision board.  It is board or an open canvas where you fill it up with your dreams or what you would like to visualise your life to be like.  You can use pictures, photos, words etc.   It allows you to see what you would be achieved and accomplished.  With that, options and possibilities can be discovered.
  • Ask yourself the “What If” question.  “What If?” I could do something else, I am not afraid to try something new, I could overcome this challenge etc.  It will help to open up possibilities that you might not have considered before.
  • Find a mentor or a coach to help you self-discover what you would like to accomplish next.  Explore options in a structured environment gives you clarity and confidence as you uncover options.

Regardless of whether you have options or not, you have a decision to be made.  A decision to choose an option or a decision to create more options.

To find options ask “What If”

When faced with a decision or to overcome an issue, we need to be able to see options and to explore them.  We need to be able to ask ourselves and others the appropriate question.   One powerful question you can ask yourself is “What If?”.

What If question allows you to think outside of the box.  It allows for “crazy” options and no boundaries to what you can and cannot do.  Allow yourself the option to break through your current thought process and think about the possibilities.

For example, you are feeling that you are not moving forward in a certain project, too many stumbling blocks or resistance, ask yourself the following:

  • What If I approached the challenge differently, what would that look like?
  • What If I could do this or that to overcome the barrier?
  • What If I could re-frame the issue?
  • What if I reached out to someone else to help me figure the issue out?

There is no limit to the possibilities or options once you can the brainstorming hat on.  Your mind will automatically help you generate all sort of scenarios and options and therefore  help you to see beyond the issue to a possible solution.

Let’s take a look at how you might want to use the “What If”:

  • Faced with Fear :  Ask Yourself:
    • What if my worst fear is not that bad?  What if I did not let my fear stop me from doing A or B?
    • What if I broke down the fear to smaller bits?  Is it still as daunting?
  • Faced with a decision:  Ask yourself:
    • What if I did A or B or C?
    • What if I re-frame the challenge?
    • What if I did not make a decision?
    • What if the decision I made is wrong?
    • What if I made the right decision?

You can use this technique in any situation to see other possibilities and to test out options in your mind.  Once you have different options, it is always a good idea to talk it through a friend just to check and balance the ideas.  Remember that its beneficial for the thought process to think of the “What If” scenario in the moving forward or positive path.