Productivity is Meaningless without Impact

Productivity is getting as much as possible done within the confines of limited resources, name time. Impact on the other hand is about the work that produces results that are exponential or invaluable or precious that without your involvement would not bring the same significance. Impact is a result of consistent, intentional and discipline approach to a long-term outcome. To last the long-term journey, you will need to prioritise and to be determined to stay the course by being productive in the everyday in the things that leads to the impact that you want.
Remember, it’s not the number of things that you are able to get through the day, but rather, it is getting the most impactful things completed in the most productive manner.

3 Basic Attributes of Habits

As a coach, the aim is to help my client to successfully implement change in order for him/her to achieve goals that are set out. The challenge of successfully navigating through change will boil down to how successful each are in implementing changes until it becomes a habit. Habits either need to be created, changedContinue reading “3 Basic Attributes of Habits”