Grit is the key to getting what you want

What does grit help you to do?
Grit allows you to achieve these 3 key areas:
1. Keeps you achieving goals.
2. Keeps you focus.
3. Keeps you going

3 Steps to Simplification

We live in a world that is complicated and complex.  It seems like everything that we think or do has multiple layers and decisions are incredibly hard to make because of the multiple implications and complexities involved.  However, is there a way to simplify?  Are we complicating things just because we can or is itContinue reading “3 Steps to Simplification”

Help! I want to give it my best but…

In everything that I do, I have a desire to do it to the best of my abilities. That is the hope and goal. However, is that really the case? Sadly, I can’t truly say that I have given my best effort in everything. I now know better. I know that the goal isn’t soContinue reading “Help! I want to give it my best but…”