3 Dangers of Not Moving On

The most common coaching topic that I have is around change and moving / transitioning to something new.  There are times when deep down inside you know that its time to move on.  Move on from your current role, change career, start another chapter in your life.  Whatever the transition that needs to take placeContinue reading “3 Dangers of Not Moving On”

3 Ways You Steal from Yourself

We all know that stealing is wrong.  There are laws against stealing.  And yet we constantly steal from ourselves without even thinking twice.  What do I mean?  I don’t mean stealing an item or idea from someone else.  I mean the critical aspects of life that we are robbing ourselves of and from. How andContinue reading “3 Ways You Steal from Yourself”

To find options ask “What If”

When faced with a decision or to overcome an issue, we need to be able to see options and to explore them.  We need to be able to ask ourselves and others the appropriate question.   One powerful question you can ask yourself is “What If?”. What If question allows you to think outside of theContinue reading “To find options ask “What If””

To move forward: Out with the Old, In with the New

One of the great things about having 4 seasons in a year is that nature forces me to change.  The changes of the season from summer to autumn, requires me to change the type of clothing I would wear, the fruits that I would eat, the amount of daylight I would enjoy and when IContinue reading “To move forward: Out with the Old, In with the New”