New Year Resolution: How’s it going?

January 2015 is almost over which means that if any of us made any new goals or resolutions for the year it’s either on track or dead in the water.  The top 5 new year resolutions are: 1.  Lose weight. 2.  Start Exercising. 3.  Spend more time with family and friends. 4.  Enjoy life more.Continue reading “New Year Resolution: How’s it going?”

Judgement: How to Release it?

One of the courses that I took as part of the coaching certification was called “Releasing Judgement”.  I thought, now that’s an interesting topic.  Interesting as it’s an act that I do all the time whether consciously or unconsciously and I suspect, so do you.  There are many instances where judgement comes into the picture,Continue reading “Judgement: How to Release it?”