Perception of Change: How to change? Embrace and Extend.

Whenever we hear the word “Change”, the majority of responses would fall into these categories: Fear, Anxiety and Dread Fear and then Excitement Excitement and Anticipation.  Probably only from the people who caused the change. It is no surprise that as “routine and comfort loving human beings”, any thing that requires us to change orContinue reading “Perception of Change: How to change? Embrace and Extend.”

Opportunities Everywhere: What do I focus on?

I had a session with a client this morning and she was just exploding with excitement as she was faced with so many different opportunities and was getting pulled in many directions as a result of that.  It’s a great problem to have in a way, and yet can also be daunting and confusing ifContinue reading “Opportunities Everywhere: What do I focus on?”

Team Work: Does it exist outside of sports?

I was watching a lot of team sports recently e.g football and even cricket.  It made me realise that team work is such a natural part of those sports.  Every player plays with a common goal, knows their role in the team and executes it to the best of their abilities.  Then there are sportsContinue reading “Team Work: Does it exist outside of sports?”