Judgement: How to Release it?

One of the courses that I took as part of the coaching certification was called “Releasing Judgement”.  I thought, now that’s an interesting topic.  Interesting as it’s an act that I do all the time whether consciously or unconsciously and I suspect, so do you.  There are many instances where judgement comes into the picture,Continue reading “Judgement: How to Release it?”

Self Awareness: How do I find it?

The term “Self-Awareness” has been used over and over again.  I can remember this term being used in every performance review or during a discussion with a manager when some form of improvement needed to take place.  It was as if, just by using this word, awareness of a certain area of improvement would be acknowledgedContinue reading “Self Awareness: How do I find it?”

Answers in your hands

One of the main pillar of coaching is that the client or coachee has the answer(s) to his/her challenge(s).  The role of a coach is to help him to discover that and to feel empowered to action on the challenge.  To enable that, the coach must create the space for the client to discover theContinue reading “Answers in your hands”

Give Receive Improve : 2 Day Workshop in KL, Malaysia on 22nd – 23rd April 2015

Not Just another training program! Option of 1:1 coaching sessions to further facilitate the learning process. According to research paper by Olivero, Bane and Kopelman, training alone results in 22.4% improvement in performance and when training is supported by coaching, the improvement in performance rose to 88%.  Key takeaways from this program: Build your skillsContinue reading “Give Receive Improve : 2 Day Workshop in KL, Malaysia on 22nd – 23rd April 2015”

Welcome to the journey of learning and growing to reach your potential

I welcome you to journey with me in this great and exciting journey to grow.  To grow and reach whatever goals or dreams that is inside each and everyone of us.  I have discovered that I am constantly curious and wanting to know more about areas that I am interested in whether it be toContinue reading “Welcome to the journey of learning and growing to reach your potential”