You will find what you are looking for.

Whatever you set your mind and focus on, you will find it. You will find what you are looking for. Your focus will determine the direction and outcome of your decisions and ultimately life. Learn how you can reframe what you are looking for in order to find what you need to look for.

4 Elements to Achieving Restoration and Not just Rest

We all strive to rest and to feel renewed or restored. However, not many achieve it because we ignored the 4 core elements that makes up our wellbeing namely physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Learn what drains and energises these 4 areas.

3 Steps to Move from Try to Do

Have you notice how some people are so annoyingly discipline or are able to accomplish so much?  The difference is that they are not trying to do something, they are doing that something.  What is the difference between try and do?  Let’s start with what the words mean. “Try” as defined by the isContinue reading “3 Steps to Move from Try to Do”