3 keys to Move from the Shallow to Deeper Living

This is part of a new series that I am doing which is based on the theme of living a life of contrast.  The central question is: Can what seems to be distinct opposites be lived out together.  If it can, then what is the most appropriate situation to do so?  What is the bestContinue reading “3 keys to Move from the Shallow to Deeper Living”

3 Ways to live a Generously Frugal Life

Can you be both generous and frugal? Frugal and generous, two words that are opposite and in contrast with one another.  Let’s start with their respective definitions. Frugal as defined by dictionary.com, economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing, not wasteful.  Generous is defined as liberal in giving or sharing.  Frugal would implyContinue reading “3 Ways to live a Generously Frugal Life”

4 Ingredients to overcoming limiting belief

Overcoming Limiting Belief This is the final part of the 5-part series around overcoming limiting belief.  The 4-ingredient recipe are to Identify, to change Mindset, to know Intentions and to build Structures.  All 4 elements are crucial and are the base ingredients for a successful journey in overcoming limiting belief. In this article I willContinue reading “4 Ingredients to overcoming limiting belief”

Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 4: Structure

Build a support structure I am in the fourth part of a five-part series around Overcoming Limiting Belief.  In the last 3 post, I have covered 3 of the 4 elements which are required in order for you to overcome a limiting belief.  Identify, Mindset and Intention.    In this article, I will be coveringContinue reading “Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 4: Structure”

Intentions: Overcoming Limiting Belief Part 3

Overcoming Limiting Belief is a journey that involves 4 parts namely Identify, Mindset, Intention and Structure. In this post, I am covering the 3rd part which is Intention. You must know the intentions, the why do you want to overcome any limiting belief. Your intentions will drive your level of commitment which will lead to consistent applications.