Mindset: The First of the next 3 steps to Overcoming Limiting Belief.

Mindset:  How to change your mindset to propel you forward? In my previous blog post, Start the journey to Overcoming Limiting Belief, I covered the starting point of the journey to overcoming limiting belief.  It starts with understanding what is a limiting belief and the starting point.  If you have missed it, you can checkContinue reading “Mindset: The First of the next 3 steps to Overcoming Limiting Belief.”

Start the journey to overcoming limiting beliefs

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be accomplishing so much?  What propels some people to do the things that you would consider as “risky” or “courageous”? One of the reasons, lies in our belief, our belief system.  Our belief system can either propel us forward or stops and limits our learning potential. Continue reading “Start the journey to overcoming limiting beliefs”

5 Steps to turn Disappointments to Growth Opportunities

Disappointments are appointments to development It is safe to say that no one likes to go through or suffer disappointments.  It is also safe to say that no one has never suffered disappointments.  Disappointments are part and parcel of life.  Disappointments are directly proportionate to how much we want to risk.  The more risk youContinue reading “5 Steps to turn Disappointments to Growth Opportunities”

Crave and NOT Dread Feedback

Do we all eat breakfast?  Or Break-fast?  Of course, we do.  As Ken Blanchard puts it “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”  At the heart of any growth and development, feedback is key.  No one is able to grow or develop effectively and efficiently if there is no feedback.  Why?  A simple answer is inContinue reading “Crave and NOT Dread Feedback”