Value the Journey and NOT the Destination

Value the Journey and NOT the destination

Life is a journey.  That’s the popular phrase and it is absolutely true.  However, in our goal-oriented culture, we have become obsessed with achieving goals whilst ignoring and not appreciating the experiences, lessons, joys, and the impact of the journey as you achieve your goals or reach your destination.

We have for the most part ignored what is the essence of life.  Life is not a measure of what we have achieved in terms of goals or targets or even the destination.  Life is an accumulation of learnings, experiences and relationships and the impact that you have made. 

The starting point of any journey would be where you want to go or the destination.  Yes, a goal is important as that will set the course for the journey.  Once you have set a goal and when you do achieve the goal, you will naturally feel great. And after that, what’s next?  That’s right, the next step is to find or create a new goal.  This will be a non-stop activity.  We will have goals upon goals, and we will achieve some and not others but it never ends.  Setting and achieving goals is part and parcel of our journey that never ends.  However, if you now recognise the importance is not the destination or the goal, but the journey, you will fundamentally shift the way you view your life and the impact that you are able to create along the way.

To enable you to experience the journey, you will need to shift your mindset in 3 ways.  The 3 mindsets shifts are:   

1.  Journey is about consumption, creation and connection.

2.  You don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to get things done.

3.  Bring people along the journey.

I am Lisa Lam and my goal is to help you discover new ways to develop your skills by challenging perceptions and sharing experiences that you can learn to enhance your everyday. 

Let’s break it down.

Journey is about consumption, creation and connection.

When we have decided on the goal or the destination, we will then go about the journey.  Just like any road trip that you want to take, the first step is to figure out what, where, and how.  You will want to learn about the destination, the things to look out for, the must do and how you would go about doing it or achieving the goal.  This step is consumption.  You are consuming information in order to learn and prepare yourself for the journey ahead.  You can learn either through your own experiences or by reading books from experts or people who have gone through similar experiences or have been to the destination.  You will need to spend time initially to learn so that you can avoid common mistakes or just for you to be aware of things to watch out for and equip yourself with what you need to have in order to do the How when required.

Once you have consumed, you are now on the next part of the journey which is about creation.  Creating your path and what you need to do.  Charting the journey out.  Just like taking a road trip or a holiday, you will create a plan, a timetable, etc.  you will need to create the schedule, content and so on.  This step will enable you to start the journey with a plan and milestones to help you along the way.

As we go along the journey, one of the key enhancers of our experiences will be the impact that we are able to create or make along the way.  That impact is meaningful and worthwhile for most of us is the connection that we build, nurture and grow along the way.  It would not be an impactful or fun journey if there was no connection or relationships that you have along the way.  We love connections and therefore the journey becomes meaningful when there is these connection. 

You don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to get things done.

Once of the most common barriers that prevents people from living life to the fullest is the fear that they are not good enough or that they can’t do it.  The fear that some how only geniuses or rocket scientists are able to figure out or solve a problem and achieve great goals.

The simple mindset of “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out 99% of what you want to do” is the starting point of that.  For example, changing a light bulb might seem difficult but in reality, it is really simple so long as you know how and turn off the electricity before you start.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to change a light bulb.  You just need to learn how to change a light bulb.  I have used this mindset for most of my life and the result is that I am able to perform most handy work around the house.  Not because I am a genius but because I have this mindset that I don’t need to be rocket scientist and that most things are easy once you learn how to.  This mindset will open a whole new world of possibilities for you.

The journey is not meant to be complicated.  It will be filled with problems and challenges, and you will need to overcome and find solutions to them but with this mindset, you will view challenges as something that you are able to overcome because the solution is either available or is not difficult when you view things in its basic simple form.

The next time you are faced with a problem, change your mindset and you will be surprised with its outcome.

Bring people along the journey.

Arriving at your destination and not having people to meet you or have them come along the journey is rather lonely.  As humans, we need people along the way.  As with the first mindset change that I had talked about, the journey is about the consumption, creation and connection, you will need to bring people along the journey with you.

Building connections is just one part.  The real value and joy of any connection is when you bring those people or connections with you.  The challenges, joys and sadness, the highs and the lows are all better experienced as part of the journey.  It does not reduce or change the problems or situations, but it will certainly make the journey either more enjoyable or bearable.  Do not take for granted the relationships that you have but appreciate and cherish them along the way.  Do not let the busyness of getting to your destination blind the value and impact of the journey.

Let’s summarise.

Value the journey and not just the destination and to do so, there are 3 mindsets shift that need to take place. 

1.  Journey is about consumption, creation and connectionConsumption is all about the continuous journey of learnings and experiencing new adventures along the way.  Never stop learning because the destination will change, the learning mindset will be key for not just reaching the destination but the growth and maturity that you will gain over the journey.  Once you have learned or consumed, you will be creating along the way, content, plans, routines and so on.  We are designed to create and produce.  We create experiences and learnings all the time.  And the journey is never complete without connections that you create, establish, nurture, build and grow along the way.

2.  You don’t need to be “rocket scientist” to get things done.  Don’t let the myth that you need to be a genius or a rocket scientist to be able to achieve goals.  99% of the things can be figured out if we have the mindset that it is solvable and not to make anything complex and complicated.  Break it down to its simplest form and that’s usually where the answer lies.

3.  Lastly, don’t forget to bring people along the journey with you.  Life is so much better when we have people by our side, ahead of us whom we can learn from and behind us to make sure that we are constantly on the right path.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope that you have learned at least one thing that you are able to apply into your everyday life.   As always, please subscribe, follow and share this blog with your friends.  Take care and step into the everyday with purpose. 


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