5 attributes that Limiting Belief Stops You from Becoming

Limiting belief sounds scary.  The word “limiting” already implies a negative.  And it does.  Much like the word “cannot”.  It indicates a stop.  A stop in our thoughts, beliefs and actions.  It prevents anyone from doing something that might be potentially beneficial or dangerous.  Stopping from taking unnecessary risk or embarking on a dangerous path is a good thing.  Limiting beliefs are rooted in fear.  Fear of failing, disappointing people, not meeting expectations and so on.   A far reaching effect of limiting belief is it prevents you from learning and growing.

In fact, there are many situations where we should not even “test the waters”.  For example, testing the waters with narcotics is never a smart thing and never a situation to challenge your “limiting” beliefs.  There are, however, many other situations where challenging your limiting beliefs are a good thing.  In those situations, challenging your limiting beliefs will empower, encourage, inspire and impact positively on your skills, experience and maturity.  More importantly the true impact is on who you could become. 

Limiting beliefs stops you from becoming a person who is:

  1. Self-Aware.  Self-awareness is very much an understated competency.  Most of us don’t realise what it is and how critical it is for us to not just know who we are but aware of our presence and the impact around us.
  2. Resilient.  Resilience is a critical attribute to possess.  No success can be achieved without resilience.  To learn and grow in resilience requires a never give up attitude which comes from constantly challenging limiting beliefs.  Faced with every challenge, your limiting beliefs will stop you from moving further.  To overcome that you must overcome those limiting beliefs.
  3. Mature.  Maturity comes from facing the challenges that life throws at you.  It comes from learning how to handle success and failures.  It develops through the many ups and downs of life.  It comes from getting up every time you fall down.  You can’t get up if you never fall.  You will never fall if you don’t take steps to overcome your limiting beliefs. 
  4. Impactful.  Making a difference.  Creating impact.  These are all powerful motivators for why we work hard, strive to excel and to be the best.  It is because we want to contribute and serve.  It is because we want to be more than just merely exist.  Making a difference requires that we get out of our comfort zone.  To get out of our comfort zone is to get out of our limiting belief constraints.
  5. Humble.  That might seem strange and out of place in this modern time where humility is seen as a weakness rather than a strength.  However, I beg to differ.  No one truly admires a arrogant fool.  We all admire people who are humble in their strength.  Humility comes from strength and confidence in truly knowing who you are.  You can only learn that when you acknowledge your weaknesses and work towards becoming better.  Unless you challenge your limiting beliefs, you won’t be working on your weakness to be better.

Everyone has their private list of limiting beliefs.  Those who are successful are able to identify their limiting beliefs and work towards overcoming them.  It is difficult but certainly possible.  Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you from becoming the person that you were meant to be.


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