Free 30 Minute Coaching Session for March only

Coaching is a journey and a process that will help you focus on your goals, uncover hidden barriers and action your way towards achieving your visions and goals.  It is journey that will require you to challenge your assumptions, perceptions and broaden your solution sets.

For the month of March, I am giving you an opportunity to find out and discover what is coaching and whether coaching is the needed boast to help you discover and act upon your goals.

Why Am I doing this?

My goal for this 30-minute session is to answer questions you might have regarding coaching as well as to help you get a feel on what a coaching session will entail.  Most of my clients are first timers and have very little idea what is coaching and what each sessions will look like.  This is a great way to get your feel for it.

What do you need to do?

You will need to prepare some questions.  You will need to have a goal in mind in terms of what is the outcome that you are expecting from this session and we will both work towards it.

What does it cost?

It will cost you 30 minutes of your time maybe a little more as you prepare.  There is $0 and no obligation.  If you should choose to engage in a coaching engagement, we can discuss it further.

How do we connect?

Technology is a beautiful tool and Skype is the answer.  We will Skype either by Video or Audio.  It can be conducted over the comforts of your home.

When can I start?

Just send me a note by clicking here and we can schedule a time that best suits us.


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