Free 30 Minute Coaching Session for March only

Coaching is a journey and a process that will help you focus on your goals, uncover hidden barriers and action your way towards achieving your visions and goals.  It is journey that will require you to challenge your assumptions, perceptions and broaden your solution sets. For the month of March, I am giving you anContinue reading “Free 30 Minute Coaching Session for March only”

5 Reasons Why Goals are Essential

This is about the time of the year when new year resolutions have come to a halt or a distant memory.  You may have started January with great gusto but now in February, those resolutions are either forgotten or just too hard and therefore ends in the “tried but failed” graveyard. Let me highlight andContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Goals are Essential”

Top 5 Energy fuels for productivity

Recent studies have suggested that productivity is better tied to our energy level vs. time.  Why?  The more energy you have, the better your concentration and output will be.  Just like time, energy is limited.  The difference is that your energy level will vary within a day.  You might work best early in the morningContinue reading “Top 5 Energy fuels for productivity”

3 Critical “Things” Money can’t Buy

We all work because we need money. Money will give you all sorts of things. It will buy us a big house, cars, holidays, every gadget imaginable to mankind and every shoe, handbag and clothing our wardrobe can contain. Have you ever just sat down and thought about what money can’t buy? There are 3Continue reading “3 Critical “Things” Money can’t Buy”