Willpower the key to creating new habits

Every one of us has an inner desire to grow in knowledge and in character. We want to improve and be a better version of “me”. As we strive to be better in the intangible (knowledge, experience, skills etc), what is demonstrated to others around us is our actions or behaviours. We need to “actContinue reading “Willpower the key to creating new habits”

Willpower vs. Motivation in creating change

In order to create changes in our habits, there needs to be starting point. The starting point is why do I need to change or create a new habit. What is the reason behind the change? Let’s assume that we have the reason for the desired change. How do we go about achieving this change?Continue reading “Willpower vs. Motivation in creating change”

3 Basic Attributes of Habits

As a coach, the aim is to help my client to successfully implement change in order for him/her to achieve goals that are set out. The challenge of successfully navigating through change will boil down to how successful each are in implementing changes until it becomes a habit. Habits either need to be created, changedContinue reading “3 Basic Attributes of Habits”