One Word focus per Month

The simpler the task, the higher the chances that it is achieved.  That makes sense.  With that in mind, as we start the year, have in mind to simplify.  Last week, I wrote about having a 2-word purpose for the year.  In this blog, I would like to break it down further to how we can apply that.  To apply it in its most effective manner would be to break it down from 12 months to just 1 month.  The rationale is that we can’t predict the future with any great accuracy but we can manage and plan for the short term with greater success.

Let’s start:

  1. Break down your 2-word purpose for the year.  List down what you would like to achieve or focus on in order to accomplish the overall purpose for the year.  For example, “Inspire” and “Growth” are the 2-word purpose of my year.  In order for me to make this meaningful and actionable, I would need to think about what it takes for me to achieve it.
  2. List down activities or focus areas by time frame.  For example, I would break down “Growth” to learning or improving my skills in mastering the Mac OS.  In order for me to do so, I would need to outline a plan.  The structure of the plan could look like this:
    1. Current skill level on Mac OS is at level 3 and would like to be at level 5 where I can use shortcuts, mission control, new features etc.
    2. To learn:
      1. check out youtube videos on Mac OS tips and tricks or lessons.
      2. Read magazines
      3. Practice and apply
  3. Summarise into 1 word what the focus and time frame.  For example, I would summarise mine to Explore.  Explore and learn the new features of Mac OS in January.
  4. Project for the next 3 months.  Build upon that and decide on what your focus would be over the next 3 months.  For example, mine would be:
    1. Explore:  In January to explore and learn new features.
    2. Practice:  In February to practice and practice what I have learnt and continue to find new features.
    3. Teach:  In March to teach or pass on the knowledge to someone else and in the process, inspire others to learn.
  5. Plan for the rest of the year in a similar manner.  Bear in mind that it might change depending on your circumstances.
  6. Keep in mind the end of the year result that you are seeking.  That will help keep you in step each month.

As for me,  I learn best in burst of energy and knowing that I would plan accordingly.  The plan should also factor in your schedule, if you are on holiday or an especially busy period at work etc.

Give it a go and start for this month.  Once you have a focus area, the action plans should come fairly easily.  After that, it really is just to do it.


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