5 Unique qualities of End of the Year

I am one of those people who just loves the end of the year.  It is as if I started the year looking forward to the year ending.  There is something unique about end of the year.   It signifies to me:

  1. Conclusion of another milestone.  Like in a race, we run or compete for the prize, to cross the finish line.  End of the year is like that.  It is the finishing line for the year.  At the conclusion of the race, there is a time of reflection, resolution and reward.
  2. Point of Reference:  It provides me with a point of reference in terms of goals, achievements and perspectives.  This year, I started a couple of new endeavours.  Firstly, I started a coaching practice and secondly this blog.  I have always wanted to do them but never did until this year.  Therefore, my points of reference are the level of achievements on those two fronts for me to build upon in the coming year.
  3. Anchor point for gratitude.  A great time to reflect and to be thankful and grateful for the year.  To remember and reflect areas of life that are grateful points.  These points should provide an anchor point for the new year.  To appreciate the many blessings, big and small will help in ensuring that I don’t take anything for granted.  It helps to raise the level of awareness for the people around you.
  4. There is no bad year just a developmental year.  I am constantly reminded that in any situation and circumstances, it is the hard and tough times that shapes and molds us the most.  It is the sharpening of the saw that hurts the most.  However, it produces the growth in our character, attitudes and knowledge that can only come from those moments.  There are many times when I have come out the other end of tough times, and when I look back, I would think, that wasn’t so bad, I survived.  That’s what experience and perspectives provides.  A change in my approach and attitude towards challenges.
  5. Celebration.  The celebration at the end of the year is always the best.  Whether it’s the festivities of Christmas or just the time of the year to celebrate the fact that the year is over.  Celebration is an important part of our lives.  Go and celebrate and enjoy the time with family and friends.


Enjoy the end of the year.


PS – I am a firm believer of setting goals for your life.  The goals don’t have to be audacious, just goals that would challenge you.  Without setting goals, the end of the year could be rather aimless.  How would you know what you have achieved if you did not set a goal?  What is your point of reference if there was not any to begin with?  It is never too late.  There are 7 more days before the end of the year, set some now and get moving.  It will make you end the year feeling that you have accomplished something.


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