3 tips to end the year on a high note

It’s almost the end of another year.  Most of us would have this nagging feeling or thought “Another year and what have I accomplished?”.  I do believe that everyone started the year with great hope and expectation of many great achievements and successes.  However, I am also certain, that most of us are now in the category of “Where did all that time go?” and “Oh No! I have not achieved what I had set out at the start of the year.”  Don’t worry, all is not lost, we have 6 more weeks to go to end the year on a high.

So let’s get cracking:

  1. Review or set up some goals to end the year.  If you started the year with some goals in mind, look at them and remind yourself what they are and see if it’s still relevant or not.  If they are, then put a 6 week plan in place to achieve it.  If you did not start the year with any goals in mind for fear of not achieving any, then I would have to say well done cause you did achieve that goal.  However, if you now feel that maybe I would like to end the year knowing that I achieved at least ONE thing, then write that ONE thing down.
  2. Create a structure and a plan to achieve the goals.  Create an action plan and put structures around that to help you achieve it.  Most of you would know what an action plan would be and look like, and I would like to add structure to that plan.  That would mean scheduling it into your calendar, setting up alarms to get you going, putting up post-it notes to remind you and so on.  Structure supports the action plan by ensuring that you are reminded as well as setting aside the time to make it happen.
  3. Be your own cheerleader or find someone you  can be accountable to.  To achieve any goal, requires not just discipline and commitment but also motivation.  Set up your own mini reward system.  For example, I started the year with a goal of achieving a score of 100 or below in golf.  I am now at 101 and for that I rewarded myself with a mini “gift”.  I have also decided that once I have achieved my goal, I have a bigger reward in place for that.  Sometimes, having a reward in place can be a great motivation for you to just push that little bit harder.  Better yet, be accountable to someone and you can be one another cheerleader.

The shorten time frame can be a good thing as it gives you a sense of urgency.  This can spur you on and might be enough to help you meet your goals.  Don’t waste time, you can still create a win for yourself.  Ending the year on a high means that you start the new year on a high and you never know where that would lead you to next.  Don’t end the year wishing or regretting that you did not do this or that.  There is still time to make it happen.  So just do it.

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