3 ways to get out of boredom

There are moments in our day where we get this strange feeling of boredom.  At work, busy as we might be, there are times when this feeling of boredom just sets in.  At home, even though there is a mountain of household chores to do, boredom sets in.   What causes that?  I have discovered that thereContinue reading “3 ways to get out of boredom”

3 tips to end the year on a high note

It’s almost the end of another year.  Most of us would have this nagging feeling or thought “Another year and what have I accomplished?”.  I do believe that everyone started the year with great hope and expectation of many great achievements and successes.  However, I am also certain, that most of us are now inContinue reading “3 tips to end the year on a high note”

7 Key Attributes of a Successful Athlete that is in You

I am sure that watching sports of any kind is one past time that most of us do.  Some of us might even take part in some form of sports.  In fact it does not matter what type of sporting activities, the lessons that can be learned are immense.  The top 7 lessons from  participatingContinue reading “7 Key Attributes of a Successful Athlete that is in You”