3 ways to choose to see the positives.

Facing tough times, challenging situations or just feeling down are common.  Each of us face it everyday.  In each of those moments, we have a choice to make.  A choice to perceive it as negative or positive.  A choice to look for the good or the bad.  A choice to be made.  You might notContinue reading “3 ways to choose to see the positives.”

4 ways to respond to unexpected situations

You have performed well all year, achieving and in some cases overachieving your targets and you are receiving good feedback along the way.  It is natural for you to expect a good review rating and rewards as a result.  What happens when you don’t receive what you expect?  What happens when you receive a goodContinue reading “4 ways to respond to unexpected situations”

3 ways to recover from an “epic fail”

Have you ever made a mistake?  Have you ever felt like you have failed?  Have you ever thought that you could not come back after this epic fail?  I am sure that I am not alone in experiencing set backs and failures.  Hindsight will tell us that those “epic fail” moments are when we learned theContinue reading “3 ways to recover from an “epic fail””

Top 3 things Never to Give Up on

I wrote an article previous on 10 Things to Give up to Move forward.  There are only things that we should never give up on.  Just like any sporting team or athlete, the never give up attitude is critical to winning or losing.  This attitude enables us to overcome adversities, challenges and turns the impossibleContinue reading “Top 3 things Never to Give Up on”