To find options ask “What If”

When faced with a decision or to overcome an issue, we need to be able to see options and to explore them.  We need to be able to ask ourselves and others the appropriate question.   One powerful question you can ask yourself is “What If?”. What If question allows you to think outside of theContinue reading “To find options ask “What If””

Receiving Feedback: Scary?

One of the hardest aspect of communication is feedback.  Whether it’s giving or receiving feedback, it’s scary.  There are many reasons for what makes feedback daunting and in general it lies with fear.  Fear that the feedback is too harsh, not effective, not well received and so on.  However, it is essential for us if weContinue reading “Receiving Feedback: Scary?”

Human “Being” or “Doing” – Who am I?

A lot of people have asked me with shocked and puzzled look when I would tell them that I am retired and have been for a few years.  I am not sure if its because I don’t look like I have reached the acceptable age of retirement or if it’s because I am so comfortableContinue reading “Human “Being” or “Doing” – Who am I?”

Underlying belief holding you back?

The question that is most often asked during a coaching session is “What is holding you back?”.  What is the barrier to change and to move forward?  The most frequent answer is Fear.  It’s either fear of failure or fear of success.  To unpack fear, the next question is “What is the cause of thisContinue reading “Underlying belief holding you back?”

To move forward: Out with the Old, In with the New

One of the great things about having 4 seasons in a year is that nature forces me to change.  The changes of the season from summer to autumn, requires me to change the type of clothing I would wear, the fruits that I would eat, the amount of daylight I would enjoy and when IContinue reading “To move forward: Out with the Old, In with the New”