How do you break your cycle of negativity?

I am sure that every one of us goes through a cycle of being down or negative.  We see the world and everything in it including ourselves through a great big lense of failure or pessimism.  When we realise or are aware that we are in this cycle, what do we do to break this pattern?  What sort of pattern interruption strategies do you use?  How long does your cycle typically last?

What works for me is to do the following:

1.  Be aware:  Be aware that I am in that “negative” stage.  Triggers that I have realised are lack of sleep or just feeling tired, when I am not feeling well e.g headaches, annoyed with something that had happened etc.  I would catch myself being impatient over small matters or thinking something dreadful or feeling like nothing I would do would work.  Awareness and acknowledgement of the situation is my first step.

2.  Pattern Interruptions:  Actions that can be taken to break that pattern or cycle.  For me, depending on time and situation can range from taking a walk/run to listing down all the things that I am grateful for.  I would also take out my journal and remind myself the reasons or purpose for what I am doing what I am doing.  Focusing on the core beliefs and motivations help me to be centered and hopeful with expectations and anticipations.  What do you do?  What can you do?

3.  Have an action plan to remove the triggers of negativity.  Being aware of a problem is good and having a plan to minimise or prevent a problem is even better.  For me, since my triggers are tiredness, I need to be mindful that I need enough sleep.  Going back to my routine or establishing a routine is critical.  Catching the start of a headache and taking medication is important to ensure that it does not become a full-blown headache.  Keeping my exercise routine helps me to feel good and clears my mind to focus on the simple things of life e.g I still have my health hence I can run.  What is yours? What do you enjoy doing?  What is your passion?  What is your feel good activity?

Let me know what you do to break your cycle of negativity.


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