Change for survival

I came across this interesting quote by W. Edwards Deming “It is not necessary to change.  Survival is not mandatory.”  It is true that we don’t have to change or even embrace change, but what would that leave us.  Change is filled with fear, resistance and the unknown but it is all around us.  In businesses, change is constant and in technology change is better known as innovation.  Change in one’s life is more recognisable as personal development.  All these different words are used to reflect what change forces us to do and to become.

If I were to look back a year and reflect on what has changed in my life and how much I have changed, its really quite interesting.  Physically I have more grey hair, published my first book, entered into the coaching realm, led a group of ladies, increased my general knowledge of useless information and the list goes on.  Why did that happen?  I enjoy learning and growing.  I enjoy the challenge of taking on new projects and seeing the outcome.  My circumstances did not change to force me to change but I wanted to grow and learn hence had to create change in my life in order to achieve that.

There are those of us who will create change and those who change because they are forced to.  The response in both those scenarios are entirely up to you.  Think about :  What is your perceived view to change?  What is your typical response to change?  Do you embrace and extend or reject and rebel?  What drives those responses?  How can you become a student of change and not a victim of change?  How can you anticipate and plan for change?  What are you holding on to that stops you from changing?  Why bother changing as everything is great now?  If we think that the quote above is true that change is mandatory for survival then the answer is clear as well.

Tomorrow I will dwell deeper into what are the perceptions of change and what we can do to shift that perception.


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