Stop Using these 3 Words or Phrases : “Step Up”, “But”, “Potential”

We have all been there, done that and said it.  What would happen if we stopped using certain words or phrases during performance review.  What am I talking about?  The top 3 most common “dreaded” words or phrases: Step Up:  Yeah that’s right, you have heard it.  Personally I have heard it and sadly I have usedContinue reading “Stop Using these 3 Words or Phrases : “Step Up”, “But”, “Potential””

Acknowledgement: Do we celebrate enough?

Who does not enjoy a good celebration?  Celebrations are great, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s full of energy and laughter.  We celebrate successes, big milestones and occasions e.g. Christmas, New Year etc.  Celebrations are meant to show appreciations, a coming together to recognise and acknowledge achievements and goals reached.  Apart of the “big” celebrations, weContinue reading “Acknowledgement: Do we celebrate enough?”

Uncertainty will create fear or adventure

I am reminded today of just how blessed I am.  To be grateful and thankful for the simple things in life.  I was in a group meeting and listening to some of the hard places that some people are going through was a great reminder to me that everyone of us has the hard andContinue reading “Uncertainty will create fear or adventure”

How do you break your cycle of negativity?

I am sure that every one of us goes through a cycle of being down or negative.  We see the world and everything in it including ourselves through a great big lense of failure or pessimism.  When we realise or are aware that we are in this cycle, what do we do to break thisContinue reading “How do you break your cycle of negativity?”