Looking Out the Window

When was the last time you looked out the window and just appreciated the beauty that’s out there.  Looking out my window, I see the trees, leaves and the sun light streaming in.  A gentle breeze does just enough to sway the leaves with a bird chirping by the sidelines.  Time to just pause and reflect and maybe these moments only happens to me when I wake up at 6 am.  And being a beautiful summer’s day, decided to go for an early run around the neighbourhood.  It was a nice relaxing run which I am trying to get into form again after a few weeks of lay-off due to a very stubborn cough.  Nevertheless, cough or no cough, I think that the fresh air does me some amount of good.

I realised that even at my slow leisurely pace, I don’t notice a lot of things.  I don’t notice or even realise the world around me.  I am so focus on me, that my filters don’t even process anything that does not have my name or interest in.  Realising that, I changed my filters and started to see things differently.  I noticed my neighbour’s peach tree which was filled with ripening peaches, the sound of a mother getting her kids ready for school and some work man starting work by the road side.  I also started to be more organised in my mind.  Organising what I wanted to do today, who I needed to call and touch base with, what I wanted to write and even what I wanted to eat for lunch.  Clearly food is high up there on my priority list.  Got back feeling refreshed instead or tired and all ready to get the day started.  Maybe that’s what exercise does to your body but for me, it gave me the opportunity to appreciate, reflect and organise.  It is the time that you spend by yourself that I think counts.  Time to shut out the noise around you and use that solitude to refresh and gain a new perspective.

Do you set aside time to just be by yourself and pause and reflect?  What’s your method of renewing yourself?  What do you do to keep up your energy level?  Do you look out your window and just feel grateful for those around you and what you have?

Try it and see what happens.


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