Confidence: Just one step at a time

I was watching my little nephew the other day showing off his cycling skills.  He had just learned how to cycle and took him a quick 20 mins to get his balance and off he went.  He was cycling fast, with one hand on the bar and even trying to pull off some tricks.  He was also confident enough to cycle a bigger bicycle (his sister’s).  That was his first time on a bigger bicycle and he loved it and in his own words “It was higher.”  That’s what confidence will help you do and become.  You will experiment, go for bigger goals, dream bigger dreams and even reach for the stars.

How does it all start?  Just take one step at a time.  To overcome doubt and fear, is to take courage and take the first step.  It does not matter how small the step is, it is the act of taking that step that matters.  It does not matter whether it ends in success or failure, what matters is that the first step was taken.  And then the real adventure and learning starts.  More often than not, we don’t immediately get the results that we desire but it is the lessons learned and the perseverance of taking the next step and so on that matters.  Slowly with each step, we gain the abilities and skills that leads to building confidence.  And that confidence will grow just like riding a bicycle.  The falls and tumbles will come but the joy of riding makes you forget the pain that you had to endure.

In most of my coaching sessions, I have discovered that confidence and fear is closely related.  In most situations, once strategies or action plans are put in place, and steps being taken, fear reduces and confidence increases.  I would encourage you to think about one thing or area that you might want to learn or grow in.  Take the steps to make it happen.  A baby step is all that’s required.

Just one step at a time is a simple confidence builder approach.

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